For the past 10 years have tried many Scentsy products. Click on the button to see the list of my favorite Scentsy products!

Adie’s Favorites

Scentsy Wickless Candles, Electric Warmers, Layers, Scentsy Buddy and More!

Are you looking for a wickless, soot free candle?  One with a scentsational scent throw combined with the safety of a no flame candle?  Check out Scentsy Fragrance products!

Our flagship product is the Scentsy Authentic Candle Bar, an impressively fragrant wickless candle bar that iswarmed in a Scentsy Authentic Warmer rather than burned with a flame.

How Does Scentsy Work?

Scentsy Candle Bars are made out of the same soft wax as a jarred candle, which is a soft wax that allows for the maximum amount of scent to be held in it.  Much more fragrant than votives, tarts or wax chips, one Scentsy Candle Bar will outlast most jarred candles 3 times their size!

Scent & Warmer of the Month: Just Another Day In Paradise

By |May 11th, 2015|

My recent trip to Cabo would definitely qualify as a “paradise” destination for most people, but this month’s Scent of the Month got me thinking about what a paradise really is. While sandy beaches, cool […]

Red Carpet Rollout

By |April 6th, 2015|

Do you have a favorite Scentsy fragrance? I think everyone does. Every now and then, you find a smell that you love, love, love and are later frustrated to find out that it has been discontinued! […]

April Scent & Warmer of the Month

By |April 2nd, 2015|

Add a touch of sweet nostalgia to your vanity or nightstand — this blossom-topped beauty conceals your most-treasured fragrance inside. Perfect for bedrooms or an en-suite bath, “In Bloom” fills a space with dreamy scent […]

Bright Ideas

By |March 23rd, 2015|

Here’s an unlikely blog post. Random pictures of people you probably don’t recognize right? If any of us were paying attention in history class, we would recognize this distinguished gentleman as Thomas Edison, the inventor of […]

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